Maximize the efforts of your HR professionals.

From The Initial Request to Return-to-Work

FMLAdmin, LLC ("FMLAdmin") manages employee leaves associated with Family and Medical Leave Act ("FMLA"), the American's with Disabilities Act ("ADA") and workers' compensation - from receiving the employee's initial leave request to coordinating their return-to-work.

Determined that your employees return to work safely, FMLAdmin coordinates transitional work programs for employees, which may include alternate, light-duty or modified-duty assignments, getting your employees working again saving you, the employer, additional costs associated with disability and workers' compensation claims.


What Does It Mean For The Employer

We know that what you do for your employees matters and is important.  We also know that the law can be complicated when it comes to managing leaves.  FMLAdmin helps to maximize the efforts of your human resources professionals, giving them the ability to better focus on other human resources management responsibilities.  

FMLAdmin provides your human resources professionals the support they need to accurately address attendance and leave issues, while lifting the administrative burden surrounding the determination of FMLA eligibility and compliance requirements under federal and/or state law.  FMLAdmin also fills the glaring hole that many compliance providers overlook as it relates to administering the FMLA leave process, that is making your company culture and employee involvement a priority.

The Process

FMLAdmin's administrative process, in a large part, removes your human resources professionals as the middleman; from receiving the employee's initial leave request to the coordination of their return-to-work.  Here's an overview of what the process would look like:

  1. Setup
    • FMLAdmin partners with your leadership and human resources professionals to understand your corporate culture and vision.
    • Development of FMLA policy, forms and communication to reflect your culture.
    • On-site training for human resources professionals, supervisors, other leadership teams and/or employees to inform and educate them on the FMLA process.
  2. Leave Process
    • Employees request their need for FMLA directly from FMLAdmin.
    • FMLAdmin provides notice of eligibility (or ineligibility) along with supplemental documentation to begin the leave process.
      • In the event insufficient medical documentation is provided to assess the existence of a serious health condition, FMLAdmin will work directly with the employee to obtain clarification of the information necessary to determine their leave eligibility.
    • FMLAdmin informs both the employer and employee whether the leave is classified as FMLA-protected and designated leave information.
    • FMLAdmin tracks the number of FMLA hours the employee utilizes during the administrative and/or calendar year and notifies both the employer and employee when the employee's leave entitlement is exhausted. 
  3. Ongoing Support
    • FMLAdmin staff is available throughout the entire process to answer any questions your employees may have.
    • FMLAdmin maintains separate leave files for each of your employees.
      • In the unfortunate event that litigation arises, the file will contain all of the information necessary for legal counsel to answer the complaints or otherwise to address any concerns of the employee.
    • FMLAdmin provides your human resources team customized reports on all employee leave statuses.
    • FMLAdmin will alert you of significant changes and/or developments in federal and applicable state laws.

We recommend that you contact your legal counsel to review the implementing documents to ensure any local compliance obligations are met.