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This is where the full description of the job goes. It should include a lot of details, so that people know exactly what they're getting into. Make sure that there's as much detail given, so that they know what you're looking for and all the usual blah blah blah lorem ipsum dolar set amet.



In a Page, Blog List, Events List, Product List, or Album page, you can create a large banner in Settings (in Site Manager). Just upload a Thumbnail Image, and add your text to the Description field.

  • Bolded text will become a Headline
  • Links on the last line will become Buttons



If you want a large banner slideshow on Page Collections, you can place a Gallery Block at the very top of the Page, before all other blocks.

  • Gallery Block must be set to slideshow mode
  • As with Page Banner, putting bolded text or links in the description for each gallery slide will create Headlines and Buttons




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